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With Riham AlSaadi-Attia, MSW, RSW, PhD

A Little Bit About Transparency Counselling Services

Riham AlSaadi-Attia (MSW, RSW) is a Social Worker registered under the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) and is a current Member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW). At Transparency Counselling Services, Riham provides Social Work support, including counselling, in both English and Arabic. Please read Riham’s message below:

Dear potential clientele, visitors and colleagues,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website to learn more about Transparency Counselling Services (TCS). The foundation of TCS has been built in my belief, and as my practice name implies, in the power of transparency between myself and my clients in driving us to achieving potential. While I practice using multiple Social Work intervention strategies, I start from the client’s perspective on both their challenges and goals. We work together, using the appropriate intervention, towards goal achievement and betterment of social and emotional well-being. I focus on providing emotional support and counselling to best cope and enhance emotional well-being and social support.


With my current role as a Clinical Social Worker at the Hospice of Windsor Essex County, I have had the pleasure to gain knowledge and practical experience in the palliative care sector. Within my career pathway, I have worked with diverse clientele in multiple contexts; I worked closely with immigrant populations, particularly immigrant youth, at the Multicultural Council of Windsor Essex, Women Enterprise Skills Training as well as Ready Set Go in different supportive roles. I also worked previously in a Toronto-based agency, named Family Oriented Rehab Services, providing emotional support and counselling to individuals and family, each with their unique needs.


At TCS, I offer one-on-one support to individuals and families to address mental health and emotional well-being, focusing on stress, anxiety and depression. I work with diverse clientele on working with post-immigration stress, gaining further insight into how to enhance integration and build resilience in a new community.


Academically, I am currently pursuing my PhD studies in Social Work at The University of Windsor, conducting her dissertation on acculturation and immigrant populations. I have engaged in different roles at the University of Windsor; a project leader of the self-study for School of Social Work, close to 10 years of experience in research roles; a member in member in the Immigrant Youth Research Group and Emotional Competence Research group, recently coordinating the Syrian Long-Term Health Outcomes Windsor Team Project, and currently coordinating Health Equity and Social Justice-Interdisciplinary Research Group in a student role. I invite you to make that first phone call and have your unanswered questions addressed. I look forward to joining you in your journey to potential fulfillment.

Very Respectfully,

Riham AlSaadi-Attia

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